Red Alerts & Calls to Action 2017-03-14T19:38:43+00:00

Red Alerts & Calls for Action

The REALTORS Commercial Alliance of Orange County…

…will forward Red Alerts from CAR & Calls for Action from NAR and we request your participation in these issues. Participation is easy and only takes a moment of your time. RCAOC thanks you for your help.

How to Respond to Red Alerts and Calls for Action

On occasion, C.A.R. asks REALTORS® to call their legislators to support or oppose proposed bills through Red Alerts and Calls for Action. However, some members may be a bit reluctant to pick up the phone to call their legislator’s office, fearing that they may not know what to say or that the process takes a long time. C.A.R. has produced a short video to show how easy it is to respond to Red Alerts and Calls for Action by making a quick phone call. See the video below: