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The REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Orange County requests your participation in Realtor Broker Involvement.

C.A.R.’s Broker Involvement Program

Here’s how it works: When your help is needed we will contact you. We simply ask that you urge your agents to look for and respond to a Red Alert email from C.A.R. With your leadership, we can send a powerful message to our legislators and help protect your business!

  • Protect Private Property Rights!
  • Protect the Mortgage Interest Deduction!
  • Prevent costly Transfer Taxes and Point of Sale Mandates!


Watch this short clip explaining how the Broker Involvement Program works!

NAR’s Broker Involvement Program

Your involvement is vital on the Federal level as well. Please confirm your participation with NAR’s Broker Involvement Program. 

Have Questions?

In need of current Broker Involvement Brochures? Interested in hosting a legislative broker event? If you have any questions regarding the Broker Involvement Program, please contact Lynn Movroydis at (916) 492-5227 or [email protected] 

A Special Thank You to all of our brokers who are currently enrolled in C.A.R.’s Broker Involvement Program!  

Click here to read C.A.R.’s Broker Involvement Quarterly Communication Newsletter.