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RCAOC Membership

The REALTORS® Commercial Alliance of Orange County offers several types of REALTOR® and non-REALTOR® membership opportunities.

Becoming a REALTOR® is a time-honored tradition of real estate brokers and their licensees who wish to distinguish themselves. REALTORS® are committed to professionalism and abide by the NAR Code of Ethics. Both the California and National Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R. & NAR) provide a comprehensive array of benefits that enhance the professionalism and productivity of real estate practitioners.

The only way to join C.A.R. and NAR is through a local association, such as RCAOC. Becoming a Primary Member of RCAOC includes membership to both C.A.R. and NAR and entitle you to their unparalleled membership benefits.

REALTOR® Membership Categories

Primary REALTOR® Membership

Primary REALTOR® Membership is available to licensed brokers, salespeople, and certified or licensed real estate appraisers. Primary REALTORS® agree to abide by the RCAOC bylaws and NAR code of ethics. There are three categories of Primary REALTOR® Membership. Primary Members receive REALTOR® benefits and membership with the California and National Association of REALTORS®.

Secondary REALTOR® Membership

Secondary Membership is available to REALTORS® who are a Primary Member of another Association and are a member in good standing of that Association. Joining as a Secondary Member is a great and popular way to expand your benefits package.

Non-REALTOR® Membership Categories

Trade Affiliate Membership

Trade Affiliate Memberships are available to real estate owners, other individuals or companies engaged in activities related to the real estate profession, but do not qualify for REALTOR® membership. Trade Affiliate Members have interests requiring information concerning real estate and sympathy with the objectives of RCAOC.

Student Membership

Student Memberships are available to students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at an institution of higher education with a specialization or major in real estate, or who are seeking to obtain a real estate license or appraiser’s license but who are not eligible for REALTOR® membership.

Educational Membership

An Educational Membership is for anyone who is seeking additional information and an education in real estate.

Public Service Membership

A Public Service Membership is for anyone who maintains an interest in the real estate profession as an employee or affiliate of an educational institution, public utility, government or other similar organization and is not engaged in the real estate profession on their own account or with an established real estate business.

2017 Paid Institute Affiliate Benefit Package

Paid Institute Affiliate Benefit Package

This Institute Affiliate Benefit Package is available to RCAOC’s 2017 paid Institute Affiliate members who hold professional designations awarded by an institute, society, or council affiliated with the National Association of Realtors.